Should I hire a professional Interior Design Company?

When you work with a professional interior design company, you don’t just hire one designer, you hire their training, experience, knowledge within the industry, and their support team.

You hire their colleagues, that manage the purchasing and warehousing of your furniture & accessories, you hire the warehousing space they have to store your goods, you hire the furniture installation team that delivers all furniture to your property and assembles the sometimes flat-packed furniture, you hire the project coordinator that arranges all deliveries and manages trusted tradesmen, you hire the interior stylist that visits your property on the day of your home makeover to professionally style and dress your property.

Interior design is such amazing value for money when instructing a professional design company like DIAL Furnishings. A team of 6-7 interior specialists working for you on your project to create a truly beautiful interior for your home ensures perfection for your property.

Almost everybody who owns a London property has the same story of unavailable electricians, plumbers and decorators who suddenly become uncontactable when they haven’t arrived on time or carried out the works to the desired level.
An established interior design company, not only come with a network of trusted professionals at their disposal but often have their own team of people that can carry out these works.

At DIAL Furnishings we have a wonderful team with huge experience that all regularly see each other and share design inspiration & ideas.

When you work with DIAL you don’t only hire an interior designer you hire an interior design project team.

So, why wouldn’t you hire a professional Interior Design Company?