Why Choose a Furniture Package?

For Landlords and property investors furniture is not always at the top of their priority list. It’s not hard to see why: it’s a hassle. First, you must source and buy the right items, making sure everything looks good, fits together well and offers a good balance of quality and value for money – then you need to arrange multiple deliveries and spend hours or even days assembling flat-packed furniture.

Not every landlord is an expert furniture buyer with an eye for design and the knowledge of what style and inventory attract tenants in different parts of London.

However, no landlord can ignore the importance of rental property interiors today. With renters increasingly design-conscious, it can make the difference between an eager tenant and “I’ll get back to you”. Therefore, furniture packages have become increasingly popular. Carefully chosen by professional interior designers and tailored to different properties, they take away the hassle and offer an instant way to get your property smartly furnished.

Furniture packages can be delivered, assembled, and installed very quickly, getting your property onto the market in the fastest possible time. Compared with the time taken to buy individual items and get them delivered from different retailers, the benefit is clear.

Many properties that are professionally furnished secure tenants after just one viewing – that’s the power of stylish and a well thought out interiors. Furniture Packages can be customised to attract different demographics or to fit your budget. Properties furnished see costly void periods drastically reduced and they achieve higher rent than unfurnished properties.

With a professionally furnished property, you could see up to five years of increased rental income over the lifespan of the furniture. Tenants will pay more for a well-designed and on-trend interior scheme. With the right furniture choices, you could recuperate any upfront furnishing costs very quickly.

Furniture packages are chosen by professionals who live and breathe interior design and property. They’ll know what’s attracting rental applicants now, as well as understand that your property still needs to look stylish in years to come.